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  • Courtney Green

On what healthy looks like…

So what is the endgame? Why do it now? Why put in the effort? When the going gets tough, these questions will be asked. (Probably by me...hiding on the floor of my closet at the end of a long day...😆) The kids aren’t overweight or inactive. They’re kids, kids are picky, right?

Basically: I want them to be healthy. But what is health?

I think we would all say that it isn’t a number on a scale...but possibly the majority of us would also go there first in our minds! UGH. Diet culture!! Honestly, the scale should never have the final say, because weight is not the whole story.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity."

~World Health Organization

“Not merely the absence of disease.” How wonderful! To have a state of well-being that allows you the freedom to step into opportunities, to fully express the person you were created to be, to try new adventures, to remain curious, and serve others well for as long as you live.

This is worth pursuing. I want this for my kids...and myself! I’m sure you do too!

To attain this, we need to look at sleep, activity level, removal of toxins, nutrition, mobility, range of motion, caloric intake, social connections, daily laughter...honestly, it starts to feel like being in one of Jerad’s yoga classes when he gives you a list of things to think about that is a MILE LONG. (Amiright?!)

I want to tell you something that I hope calms you back down. Ready?

Perfection is unattainable.

Whew. Glad that standard is off the table. Now we can move forward and simply attack the most glaring issue. Just one. Because real health is a lifelong pursuit. We never really arrive at perfect health, we just take the next step. Learn more, do more. (Just don’t stop the pursuit!)

Like being in Jerad’s class holding the World’s Longest A-frame, we just keep cycling through the list - when you find one that is in disarray, stop. Take some time, do research, get help from others ahead of you on the same road, make a plan, find accountability to help you stick with it, and attack the ONE issue.

Then repeat the cycle, moving on to the next glaring issue. Until you die.😉

For us right now, nutrition is a glaring issue. Target #1. All our sights are set on it. But “more fruits and veggies” is a broad, fuzzy target…

...more on that next week.

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