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  • Courtney Green

On Starting...

"The best way to do, is to do it."

~Amelia Earhart

The irony of Ms. Earhart saying something like this is not lost on me. Like, maybe there are some things you shouldn't do...things that could end in disaster??

But if we're being honest, the vast majority of the time, we aren't facing something death-defying, even if our racing brain and heart palpitations and overall anxiety about the Thing tell us otherwise. And oftentimes, when it comes to health, it is more potentially disastrous to NOT do something!

So...what does it actually look like to do the Thing?

"They" say things like: Progress over perfection. 1% better every day. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

My brain responds: Dude. Being stress paralyzed is REAL!!

Can you relate?! Yes? Good. We can be friends then.

I want to invite you into my journey as I START some habits. Healthy ones in myself and my family. Ones I've known in my head should be a Thing, but they haven't made it to my actions yet. Hopefully you will learn something along the way, and I'll have you to keep me accountable - deal?

Goal #1: Increase my kids' fruit and vegetable intake.

I'm naming this operation: The Fruit & Veggie Tales. 🍓

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